Taantraa Organic Handbaking

Welcome to Bengaluru's go-to home bakery for the evolved foodie. Run by Chaitali since 2011, Taantraa is all about radickal, delicious, yet vegan baking. Feel free to call us at 9731244600 and speak with Chaitali - she might just suggest  a totally different bake to blow your mind.

Divinity Through Food

How To Order/Pay

Simply select & add to the shopping cart. Nominal delivery charges (at actuals) will be intimated once we receive your order. We will call back to confirm the order & payment method before we begin baking. Else, simply call us at 9731244600 and we will help you out.  Pls note: We deliver ONLY within Bengaluru.

Every Cake is Special to us

Our bakes are free from maida or sugar. We bake for fussy kids, we bake for mindful mums, we bake for gluten-allergic people, we bake for diabetics, we bake for nutrition experts. And if you're in the mood for something radical, we'll happily bake for you. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Signature Cakes by Taantraa

An absolutely heavenly line of bakes reserved for the truest connoisseurs of taste. Made with ingredients hand-picked by Chaitali. Baked with blessings. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Divine Toppings for Divine Cakes

Choose from our range of custom toppings to give a perfect finish to your already perfect cake. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

We're Nuts about Butter

Taantraa Nut Butters. They are packed with nothing but fabulously healthy nuts. And we don't put anything artificial in them. Nope, not even preservatives. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Magick Cookies

Indulge in some guilt-free snacking with the goodness of oats, coconut, almonds, dates, raisins & a whole lot of goodness.


God's Own Bread

Bread baked with nuts & seeds. Bread baked with almond flour. Bread baked with sweet potato. This is not your everyday bread. This is heaven & health coming together in the service of your tastebuds. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

A Cake for Kings & Queens

Three tiered symphony cake hand-crafted by Chaitali. A true labour of love for the most royal of occasions. CLICK HERE TO ORDER